This tool can transform all embed videos on your site to videojs/jwplayer. May be that video embedded from pornhub/redtube/youporn …

***Important: Existed customers can update this plugin in “My account”

Version 1.8.4 (November 05 2016): Support TubeAce, support https iframe embed code (new pornhub embed code), upgrade new skin for Jwplayer 7.

Version 1.8.3 (The biggest update, on October 31 2016): Can play self-hosted mp4 direct link, can work with embed code or mp4 link in custom field without theme modification.

Version 1.8.2 (Update October 02 2016).

Version 1.8.1 (Update September 28 2016): Fix missing poster image in pornhub videos.

Version 1.8 (Update September 11 2016): Xvideo/pornhub/redtube/youporn continue work with this plugin, add Jwplayer as another option to play video.

Version 1.6 (Update June 7 2016): Updated for Xvideos problem, fix responsive player in some themes.

Version 1.5 (Update 05/05/2016): Updated for Xvideos problem***

As you know, very annoyed when use embed code to show video from other tube site to your site. They have a lot of troubles such as pop-under (xvideos).

I wished to have a magic tool, can use their video in my site with my custom player (I really like Videojs). I could place my logo, overlay advertising banner.

I wished that tool can convert all thousand of embed video on my site to videojs. May be that video embedded from pornhub/redtube/youporn at this time…

That is why today I show you the magic plugin, when you install and active it, that plugin will make all your embedded video in post’s content or in custom field become Videojs player without any theme modification. You can place your logo, put overlay advertising banner on that player. So cool huh?

Demo site

This plugin can convert all existed embed code from pornhub/redtube/youporn to videojs player.



Besides, you can post videos from above sites and use Videojs/Jwplayer to show that videos by the shortcode like this:


(remember in regular cases, shortcode only work in post content, not work in custom field)


Automatic convert all pornhub/redtube/youporn embed code found on your site to videojs player.

You only need to put the default embed code of above tube site and it will be transform to the custom player (videojs).


Now, is it what you need? If you need this awesome plugin?

Get it now!