This tool can bring us is to eliminate repetitive or boring tasks that run every day when work with a adult tube site by wordpress. What are you doing to day? Go to your favorite tube site, search some keyword, open each video one by one, copy the title, save the thumbnail, copy the embed code then back you your site and paste them…and next videos…. Yea. So boring, right? And that is why this following plugin was written.

Today we are so happy to present our newest WordPress Plugin to you – Xvideos Importer Free, can save for you a lot of time.
What you can do with this Free version? You can import videos by copy and paste a video url from and click Import, and you can create post with that video easily.

screenshot-localhost 2015-04-27 00-34-08

screenshot-localhost 2015-04-27 00-36-41

screenshot-localhost 2015-04-27 00-42-07

Or if you want the full version in this videos below, you can order it now with $29 only!!